Chop Stick (Plant Based)


Packaging TypePacket
Packaging Size45 g
FlavourSpicy Flavour
Storage MethodDeep Freezer
Energy184.28 K cal (Per 100 g)
Protein13.16 g (Per 100 g)
Total Sugar2.55 g (Per 100 g)
Carbohydrate20.13 g (Per 100 g)
Total Fat5.68 g (Per 100 g)
Monounsaturated Fatty Acid1.80 g (Per 100 g)
Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid1.98 g (Per 100 g)
Dietary Fiber6.70 g (Per 100 g)
Sodium6118.8 mg (Per 100 g)
Calcium348.19 mg (Per 100 g)
Iron52.17 mg (Per 100 g)
Vitamin C0.96 mg (Per 100 g)

Product Details:

  • This is vezlay innovative items blended with soya spices and marinated. It’s yummy and crunchy, which you can eat with mint sauce. Firstly, throw it and bring to normal temperature and you can also fry with the stick and after frying, you can add in curry also.
  • Soya Chop Sticks is also known as soya chaap and Vezlay able to provide soya chaap online that keeps your health intact, these soyabean chaap is pure veg but it’s taste like a chicken and each and everyone easily consumed this because it is a vegan friendly product.

Ready To Food 

  • Proprietary Food:Firstly thaw soya chop stick, then deep fry it and use it is any of your favorite cuisine like indian chinese continental recipes or prepare then like tea time snakes and party


  • Soy, refined wheat flour starch oil gram flour , spices and condiments
  • Note:Contains mono sodium glutamate not recommended for infant below 12 month ago
  • Allergen:Gluten Soy Consume it the day after bring it to normal temperature and opening the packets

Other Details:

  • Low Fat
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Keep Frozen
Weight45 g


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