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Diabetes-Related Eye Problems

Diabetes is a disease that is found profoundly everywhere and it can affect many parts of the body. The major risk of the problem is that it can affect the eye up to great extent. It escalates eye-related problems such as glaucoma and cataracts. But the primary concern for the people who’re facing is to get prevent the diabetic-retinopathy condition. The risk of developing diabetic retinopathy is high for people who have had diabetes for the past 15 years.

Effective measures and lessons are provided by Diabetes Mantra to detect the high risk of retinal lesions and blindness which can cause due to diabetes. If early measures and preventions are taken at right time it can lower the risk of eye-related diseases due to diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetic retinopathy

At an initial stage, it becomes difficult for you to notice any symptoms as it is barely noticeable.

But by time, you will face symptoms like:
• Floaters, dots, or dark spots in your vision.
• vision will start getting blurry
• facing issue while focusing
• getting partial or total vision loss

Treatment of Diabetic retinopathy

The treatment of diabetic retinopathy depends on which stage you’re as the main goal of the treatment is to stop or slow the progression of the condition. The exact treatment will vary seeing that how to control your diabetes is, and how controlled your diabetes is.

Some of the possible treatments include:

Peacefully Waiting – You may not require any treatment if your retinopathy isn’t severe or complicated. Going for an eye doctor annually is the only way you can treat the problem at an initial stage and the doctor can monitor the changes.

Focal laser treatment- If you’re at an advanced diabetic retinopathy stage then you will require this treatment. In this, the blood leakage from the blood vessel is stopped or slowed through burning abnormal blood vessels.

Scatter laser treatment- In this treatment, the doctors shrink abnormal blood vessels and scare them so they have fewer chances to grow in the future.

Vitrectomy – The doctor may suggest you with this minor surgery called a vitrectomy. In this, the doctor will make a tiny incision to your eye to remove blood that has leaked from the blood vessel.

Vision assistance devices- Vision issues can be solved by the time when the treatment gets completed and give time to heal your eyes. The doctor can treat vision changes with vision assistance devices using contacts or glasses.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Long leading diabetes disease can lead to changes in the back of an eye which cause a decrease in vision. Majorly, high blood sugar causes damage to the small blood vessel in the retina that leads to damage and brings multiple changes in the retina. The damage leads to changes in the retina, which brings a change in the macula(that’s the central area of the retina)

Treatment of diabetic retinopathy is often successful, but it’s not a permanent treatment to it. As diabetes is one of the chronic diseases and you may face complications or problems such as vision loss over time.

For prevention of it, you should regularly go for an eye exam so that you can determine the issue at an initial stage.

Newer techniques of screening for retinopathy by using the state of art digital retinal cameras are available. In this digital camera is used to take a picture to see the detailed view of the back of an eye. Doctors use this to determine the health of an optic nerve, macula, retina, and its blood vessels.

When you’re fixing an appointment with the doctor, always make sure you have details of the:
• symptoms you’re facing
• the day you started feeling symptoms
• the level of blood sugar at the start of an episode
• any other information you think that your doctor should know

People having fluctuations in blood sugar levels are at an increased risk of long-term diabetes. People don’t develop the problem until they have had diabetes for at least 10 years.
The additional risk factors are:

Pregnancy Period – Women who’re at their pregnancy period and simultaneously facing diabetes face issues with diabetic retinopathy.

Poor disease management-
The chances of developing complications are higher if your diabetes is not under control. Strict glycemic control is most effective in preventing diabetic retinopathy.

Racial – African – Americans
and Hispanics have a greater risk of diabetic retinopathy than the general public.

Smoking – People suffering from diabetes who smoke regularly have higher chances of developing diabetic retinopathy.

There are 2 types of diabetic retinopathy-

Nonproliferative retinopathy- This is basically at an initial stage, in which small retinal blood vessels break and start getting a leak.
Proliferative retinopathy- In this, new blood vessels grow abnormally with the retina. Sometimes, this new growth cause scarring or retinal detachment, which sometimes leads to vision loss.

Most people find it convenient as they don’t have to commute for their appointments. And, in online treatment scheduling can be done in just one click. So you can save your time by traffic, and also waiting time of the doctor.
Macular edema is the inflammation of the macula, which is a part of the eye that provides a detailed version of central vision. It starts when blood vessels in the retina start to leak fluids.
No, it doesn’t happen always. But if not treated at the right time it becomes irreversible vision loss.
The main preventive step and measures you can take are to control your diabetic retinopathy by controlling and maintaining your blood glucose level, blood sugar level, cholesterol level and to quit smoking.