Xigduo Medication For Diabetes Management – A Comprehensive Guide

Xigduo Medication For Diabetes

Xigduo combines the powers of two active ingredients to help control blood sugar levels, offering new hope for individuals striving to manage their diabetes more effectively. In this guide, we’ll dive into how Xigduo diabetes medication works, its benefits, potential side effects, and how it compares to other diabetes treatments. Whether you’re considering Xigduo as part of your diabetes care plan or just seeking information, this comprehensive overview aims to empower you with the knowledge to make informed health decisions.

Is Xigduo The Same As Metformin?

Is Xigduo The Same As Metformin?Xigduo is not the same as metformin, but it does contain metformin as one of its active ingredients. Xigduo is a combination medication used to treat Type 2 diabetes, and it includes two active components:

  • Dapagliflozin: This is a type of drug known as an SGLT2 inhibitor. It works by helping the kidneys remove glucose from the bloodstream through the urine, thereby lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Metformin: One of the most commonly prescribed diabetes medications, metformin works by decreasing glucose production in the liver and improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin. So that muscle cells are better able to use glucose for energy.

By combining these two drugs, Xigduo offers a dual mechanism of action in managing blood sugar levels for people with Type 2 diabetes. This combination can provide a more effective treatment option than taking either medication alone, especially for individuals who need additional blood sugar control beyond what metformin can provide.

Is Xigduo XR available in India?

Yes, Xigduo XR is available in India. It is a combination medication used to treat Type 2 diabetes mellitus, and it helps control high blood sugar levels associated with diabetes. This can reduce the chances of serious complications of diabetes and also help prevent heart disease. Xigduo XR can be taken with food, and it is marketed by AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd. You can find it on various Indian online medical stores, where it’s listed for purchase.

What Are The Benefits Of Xigduo Diabetes Medication?

Benefits Of Xigduo Diabetes MedicationXigduo diabetes medication offers several benefits for managing Type 2 diabetes. And, making it an effective treatment option for many individuals. Here’s a look at the key benefits:

Improved Blood Sugar Control

Xigduo works through two complementary mechanisms to lower blood glucose levels. Dapagliflozin reduces blood sugar by helping the kidneys remove glucose through the urine, while metformin decreases glucose production in the liver and improves insulin sensitivity. This dual action helps achieve better glycemic control than either medication alone.

Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Events

Studies have shown that dapagliflozin, one of the components of Xigduo, can reduce the risk of hospitalization for heart failure in patients with Type 2 diabetes. This benefit is particularly important because people with diabetes are at an increased risk for heart disease and related complications.

Weight Loss

Many patients with Type 2 diabetes struggle with managing their weight. Xigduo can assist in weight loss, primarily through the action of dapagliflozin, which helps the body eliminate glucose—and thus calories—through urine.

Blood Pressure Reduction

Dapagliflozin can also have a mild diuretic effect, leading to a reduction in blood pressure in some patients. This is beneficial for those with Type 2 diabetes, who often have high blood pressure as a comorbidity.

Flexibility in Treatment Regimen

Xigduo is available in various dosages, allowing healthcare providers to tailor treatment based on individual patient needs, tolerance, and the severity of their condition.


Taking a combination medication like Xigduo means fewer pills to manage daily, which can improve treatment adherence. Better adherence can lead to more consistent blood sugar levels. And reduced risk of long-term complications.

While Xigduo offers these benefits, patients need to discuss with their healthcare provider whether this medication is suitable for them. Also, consider their overall health, potential side effects, and any other medications they are taking.

What Is The Side Effect Of Xigduo?

Xigduo diabetes medication is an effective medication for managing Type 2 diabetes but, like all medications, can have side effects. Some people may experience side effects while others may not. Here’s a list of potential side effects associated with Xigduo:

Common Side Effects

  • Gastrointestinal Issues: Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and loss of appetite are common, mainly due to the metformin component.
  • Genital Infections: Increased risk of genital yeast infections, particularly in women, due to the glucose in the urine providing a breeding ground for yeast.
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Slightly higher risk due to the mechanism of dapagliflozin.
  • Increased Urination: Dapagliflozin can lead to more frequent urination.

Serious Side Effects

  • Ketoacidosis: A serious condition that can occur even if blood sugar is not very high. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing.
  • Lactic Acidosis: A rare but serious side effect associated with metformin, characterized by weakness, increasing sleepiness, slow heart rate, cold feeling, muscle pain, shortness of breath, stomach pain, feeling light-headed, and fainting.
  • Dehydration and Low Blood Pressure: The increased urination can lead to dehydration, causing dizziness or fainting.
  • Kidney Problems: Monitoring kidney function is important as both components can affect kidney performance.
  • Bone Fractures and Decreased Bone Mineral Density: Seen in some patients taking dapagliflozin.
  • Increased Cholesterol Levels: Some patients may experience increased levels of LDL cholesterol.

Rare Side Effects

  • Bulla Pemphigoid: A rare skin condition with large, fluid-filled blisters.
  • Fournier’s Gangrene: A very rare but serious infection of the area around the genitals, requiring immediate medical attention.

It’s crucial for patients to be aware of these potential side effects and to communicate with their healthcare provider about any unusual symptoms or concerns. The risk of side effects should be balanced against the benefits of controlling blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of diabetes-related complications.

How Much Does Xigduo Cost?

How Much Does Xigduo Cost?The cost of Xigduo can vary widely depending on several factors such as the dosage, quantity, pharmacy location, and whether you have insurance coverage that includes this medication. Here are some indicative prices:

  • With a GoodRx coupon, you might get dapagliflozin/metformin ER (the generic for Xigduo XR) for as low as $177.76. This is about 70% off the average retail price of $598.17 for the most common version​​.
  • The cost for Xigduo XR oral tablet, extended-release (10 mg-500 mg) is around $623 for a supply of 30 tablets, depending on the pharmacy you visit​​.
  • Another source mentions that the cost of Xigduo XR is about $780.20 for 60, 5-1000MG Tablet Extended Release 24 Hour. However, with a Xigduo XR coupon from the SingleCare discount program, the price could be as low as $557.92 for 60, 5-1000mg Tablet Extended Release 24 Hour at participating pharmacies​​.

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary by location and the current deals offered by discount programs or insurance coverage. It’s important to check with your pharmacy or insurance provider for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.


Xigduo diabetes medication is a combination designed to help by improving blood sugar levels through two active ingredients, dapagliflozin, and metformin. It offers several benefits, including better control of blood glucose, potential weight loss, reduced risk of cardiovascular events, and more. However, like any medication, it comes with possible side effects, ranging from gastrointestinal issues to more serious conditions like ketoacidosis and lactic acidosis.

The cost of Xigduo can vary widely. So it’s essential to check with your pharmacy or insurance provider. Ultimately, Xigduo represents an important option in the diabetes treatment arsenal, providing a dual-action approach. Do you want to get rid of diabetes? Join our online diabetes treatment program and reverse Diabetes naturally through lifestyle changes such as a Personalized Diet plan, Exercise, Yoga, dieticians, and health coaches.